BlogPad Pro version 1.3 is out!

BlogPad Pro version 1.3 is now available to download from the App Store, so go and update your copy now!

This is a HUGE release! Many new features, improvements & bug fixes! All you need to do to update your copy is to go to our page in the App Store and select ‘update’. It should also appear in your ‘update’ list in the App Store app.

BloPad Pro is now available in: English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Polski.


  • Visual Editor – there have been extensive improvements! These include:
    • Dropbox integration – add images or links to other media (eg MS Word documents, videos, etc) to your Posts or Pages from your Dropbox account
    • TextExpander Touch support for ALL modes (ie Visual Editor, HTML & Markdown Modes)
    • Markdown support – able to convert Markdown to HTML & vice versa
    • Spell Checker – select the language that you want to use for Spell Checking independently of the app’s language. Choose from: Dansk, Deutsch, English (Australian), English (Canadian), English (UK), English (US), Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Português (Brasil), Pусский, Svenska
    • Find, Search & Replace text in Visual Editor mode
    • Table Creator, for quickly creating tables
    • Text Format, Font & Size options
    • Font foreground & highlight colour manipulation (can store favourite colours)
    • Indent & Outdent options added to Visual Editor
    • “Next Page” option added to Visual Editor
    • Enlarged & moved some Editor Buttons, to make it easier to tap the correct buttons
    • Added camera to Media Picker, so that users can take a picture within BPP
    • Paste operation into Visual Editor now removes formatting
    • Ability to collapse/expand 2nd row of Visual Editor buttons
    • Should now support Right-To-Left (RTL) languages – based on the user’s currently selected language, rather than their Locale.
    • Larger buttons, & some moved slightly, to reduce risk of accidentally tapping the wrong button (especially for smaller displays such as on iPad mini)
    • Made central buttons scrollable from left to right when in Portrait mode where the menu bar is narrower
  • Statistics now available for self-hosted blogs too (requires Jetpack plugin)
  • TextExpander Touch support for Adding, Editing & Replying to Comments
  • Multiple user accounts for the same blog now possible (eg one account as Administrator, another as Editor, etc)
  • Improved usage for lower privilege User Roles (ie Editor, Author, Contributor)
  • Considerable improvements in Memory Management for the app
  • General graphical improvements to the User Interface
  • Web Dashboard – the left navigation bar is now in normal state, rather than being “collapsed”.
  • Web Dashboard – made changes so that dragging of widgets would still work
  • Improved detection of XMLRPC endpoint for self-hosted blogs where the XMLRPC file has been renamed or moved
  • Moved location of “Save your changes” box, as it could obscure some of the content. It’s also possible to close this alert.
  • Added “View Site” option in “Blog Options”
  • Added “Refresh” button for Modal Browser window


  • Some users may have experienced crashes when trying to add a new Self-hosted blog, especially after first downloading the app. This should now be fixed.
  • Fixed issue when uploading several hi-res images in one go, thanks to improved memory management
  • Fixed Bug with WYSIWYG: When using Backspace whilst an auto-correction is in progress, the selection would move with the delete, causing an issue with auto-correct.
  • Fixed crash with Comments that are replied to (and edited) when the associated post is not yet downloaded. We now force the download of the post
  • Fixed Crash which would occur when an unsupported option value existed whilst editing Blog Options
  • Fixed bug with pasting into Visual Editor. A body of text would have each line wrapped in a div tag, & maybe with a leading  . Now, we remove all formatting
  • Fixed bug with how Posts were sorted by date, when the device’s clock is set to be 12hrs rather 24hrs
  • Fixed Bug with how BlockQuote works
  • Fixed Bug when adding a super-hi-res image to the WYSIWYG.


4 comments on “BlogPad Pro version 1.3 is out!

  1. Ian Mears says:

    Tables Yay!
    Text formatting – Yay!
    Looks like a significant update so thanks for that. I’ve only recently started using it and it seems pretty darn good 🙂

    Some suggestions for other features that would be nice:

    Google Drive support
    Gallery support
    Improved image placement (drag and drop would be rather nice)
    Text editing – being able to use emoticons and simple formatting like headers without having to learn/remember markdown

    Don’t forget to update the tutorials…. 🙂


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