WordPress: What are widgets?

Do  you keep hearing people mentioning widgets, but have no idea what they are? Basically widgets are little tools which you can add into your blog, and are generally seen on the right sidebar or footer.  On this blog the widgets I’m using include text widgets (in the right sidebar) for social media links, plus the Follow Blog widget to make it easy for readers to subscribe to blog posts.

Widgets can do all sorts of things: from integrating with your social media accounts (Facebook, twitter, Meebo, Flickr etc) to showing site stats, recent comments and followers and lots more – we’ll get into that later on.

Your blog has set areas where you can drag and drop widgets – usually in the right sidebar or footer areas, although this depends on the theme you have chosen.

To get to widgets click on appearance in your left menu, then select widgets from the sub-menu underneath.

WordPress widgets

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