Our WYSIWYG Editor

Blog Pad Pro has a built-in WYSIWYG editor for editing your WordPress blog on your iPad. Perfect for everyone who hasn’t got the time, inclination or expertise to write all their WordPress blog posts in html!

Of course you can always edit the html code of your page or post too, but the visual editor is there to make writing each post easy allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, the blog content.

BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG undo button
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG redo button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG bold button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG italics button
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG strikethrough buttonStrikethrough
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG underline button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG left align button
Left align
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG center align button
Centre align
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG right align button
Right align
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG justify button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG bullet list button
Bulleted list
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG numbered list button
Numbered list
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG blockquote button
Block quote
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG more button
More button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG add image or media button
Add image
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG hyperlink button
Add/edit link
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG unlink button
Remove link
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG edit html button
View/edit html
 soft return button
Soft return

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