New features in BlogPad Pro version 1.1

I’m delighted to announce we’ve just launched BlogPad Pro version 1.1 which has some great new features as well as some bug fixes.

You can now browse, search and add YouTube videos straight into your WordPress blog posts as well as being able to add video files from your media library on self-hosted blogs. You can read more about how to do this in our tutorial here.

Add video to your WordPress blog with BlogPad Pro

We’ve also added a few extra options in settings, including being able to set a default size for any new images you insert – which should save you lots of time when creating long blog posts. Just set the default width to the maximum size for your WordPress theme and no more cropped or squashed images! You can see our tutorial on this here.

You can now also insert links to different file types which appear in your media library, including Pdf files, Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint and OpenDocument text documents. Just browse to the item in your library and tap ‘Insert link to file’. You can also add links to video files which aren’t embeddable in a web page such as wmv files. 

To update your copy of BlogPad Pro just tap here and select ‘Update’!

How to add video to your WordPress blog

How to add video to your WordPress blog using BlogPad Pro app for iPad.

This video shows you how to add images and video to your blog posts:

You can now add video to your WordPress blog posts, just follow these simple steps:

To insert a video from YouTube

1. Tap where you want to insert your video and tap on the camera icon.
From the tabs at the top select ‘Other’:

Insert media to your WordPress blog post

2. You can now see the YouTube button – tap on this to search YouTube:

Insert video from YouTube into your WordPress post

3. Search for a video to insert:

Search YouTube

4. Select a video from your search results:

YouTube search results

5. When you tap and select a video you can watch it by pressing the play button.
If you want to insert this into your post just tap ‘Use This Video’.
To go back to your search results or to search again tap ‘YouTube Search Results’.

Insert a YouTube video

6. Your video has now been embedded into your post:

A video in your wordpress post

7. You can edit the size of the video by tapping on it and selecting the yellow ‘edit’ icon.
Just tap ‘Update Iframe’ once you’re done.

Editing a video on WordPress

To insert a video from your media library

If you’re using a self-hosted WordPress blog you can also insert a video from your media library. Tap the camera icon and select ‘From Media Library’

WordPress media library in BlogPad Pro

Tap on the video you want to insert and select ‘Add video as an iframe’ 

insert video

Your video has now been inserted into your post.

This feature is only available in BlogPad Pro 1.1. To update your copy of the app just tap here and select ‘Update’

Let us know which other video-hosting services you use so that we can add this into a future version of BlogPad Pro.