Downloading your blog for working offline

How to download your WordPress blog if you’re going to be working offline or in airplane mode.

If you’re going on a plane journey or know you’re going to be blogging offline you might want to download part or all of your blog to give you access to your posts, pages, comments or image library while you’re offline.

Downloading Posts

To download posts tap on the orange Posts button in the left menu and then tap ‘Post Sync Options‘. Select how many posts you would like to retrieve and then tap ‘Get Posts

oad Posts using BlogPad Pro

Downloading a post will automatically retrieve any images, tags or categories used in that post.

Please note: If you want to have the full content of each page available offline make sure the ‘Only get Post Titles’ box is unchecked.

Also, if you are downloading a large number of posts it could take some time and you may prefer to do this while you’re connected via a wireless network.

Downloading pages

To download pages tap the blue ‘Pages’ button in the left menu, then tap the Page Sync Options, select the number of posts to download and tap ‘Get Pages

oad Pages using BlogPad Pro

Downloading media

When you download posts and pages any media items used in them are automatically downloaded into the BlogPad Pro media library on your iPad.

If you want to download more media items tap on the yellow Media icon in the left menu, tap ‘Media Sync Options’ and select the number of images or media you would like to download, then tap ‘Get Media’.

If you are downloading a large number of media items you may prefer to do this while you’re connected via a wireless network.

oad comments using BlogPad Pro

Downloading comments:

To download the latest comments or pingbacks/trackbacks to BlogPad Pro tap the pink ‘Comments‘ button in the left menu, tap ‘Comment Sync Options’ and select the number of comments you wish to retrieve. Then tap ‘Get Comments‘.

oad comments using BlogPad Pro

WordPress: What are tags?

Tags are the lifeblood of your blog, they help other people to find your posts and provide a useful way of grouping your posts by topic.

Do I have to use tags

No, you don’t have to use tags. However, they can be very useful so I would recommend using them. You can use as few or as many tags as you like on each post.

What are tags?

Tags are words, rather like keywords, which help describe what your post is about.

What is the difference between tags and categories?

There are no hard and fast rules about this but basically categories are for a broad grouping and tags are more specific. For example if your blog is about food and your post is about lasagna, you would perhaps use the categoriesRecipes, Pasta, Dinners and the tags: lasagna, tomato, beef, cheese.

I use categories for organising my blog and tags for telling people what a post is about.

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Reading the blogs you subscribe to at

How to read the your blog subscriptions through BlogPad Pro for iPad

If you’re an avid blogger, odds are you love reading other people’s blogs too. If you subscribe to their blog feeds through WordPress you can easily catch up on the latest blog posts in the ‘Reading Section’.

Just tap on the light purple ‘Read’ button in the left nav to see the latest news from the blogs you follow (below). As you can see you only get the headlines, to read the full post tap the arrow to the right of the post summary.

BlogPad Pro screenshot reading blogs


You can also browse WordPress blogs by topic – for example all recent posts tagged with the word ‘iPad’ or ‘Fashion’.

To change to this view, tap on the grey icon in the ‘Read’ bar and you’ll see these options (below): Freshly Pressed, Blogs I Follow, Recommended Blogs, Posts I Like and the topics that you’ve set up.

Just tap on the topic you want to start reading.

BlogPad Pro screenshot reading blogs

Note: This feature only works when  you are logged into your account. Self hosted WordPress accounts do not support this feature.

You can find out more information about managing your blog subscriptions through WordPress here.

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Our WYSIWYG Editor

Blog Pad Pro has a built-in WYSIWYG editor for editing your WordPress blog on your iPad. Perfect for everyone who hasn’t got the time, inclination or expertise to write all their WordPress blog posts in html!

Of course you can always edit the html code of your page or post too, but the visual editor is there to make writing each post easy allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, the blog content.

BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG undo button
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG redo button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG bold button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG italics button
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG strikethrough buttonStrikethrough
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG underline button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG left align button
Left align
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG center align button
Centre align
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG right align button
Right align
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG justify button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG bullet list button
Bulleted list
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG numbered list button
Numbered list
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG blockquote button
Block quote
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG more button
More button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG add image or media button
Add image
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG hyperlink button
Add/edit link
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG unlink button
Remove link
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG edit html button
View/edit html
 soft return button
Soft return

Photo 29-04-2013 12 18 57

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View your blog categories

How to see your WordPress blog categories with BlogPad Pro for iPad

To see the categories on your WordPress blog tap the purple ‘Categories’ button in the left menu. You then see a list of the categories you have used. You can scroll through these, or search using the search box.

You can also sort them by name, either A-Z or Z-A.

View your WordPress blog categories in BlogPad Pro for iPad

You can also select a category and delete it (see below)

View your WordPress blog categories in BlogPad Pro for iPad


iPad hints and tips: the four finger swipe

A really common question is: How do I flick between open apps on my iPad?

If you’re finding it a pain when you need to be looking at an open web page and editing your blog at the same time, you don’t need to keep pressing the home button to close one app and open another, you can flick between running apps with a horizontal four-finger swipe.

Not working? You might need to enable multitasking gestures. 

Go to: Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures and make sure the toggle is set to ‘ON’.

The four finger swipe can also be used to do these things:

  • Four finger swipe to return to Home screen
  • Four finger swipe up to reveal multitasking bar
  • Four finger swipe left or right to switch between open apps


Syncing posts and pages

How to sync posts and pages to your live blog if you have been working offline using BlogPad Pro for iPad

If you have been working offline or without an internet connection you will need to upload your changes when you’re back online.

An easy way of seeing this is the notification badge which shows in the left menu (you can see below that there is 1 post which needs uploading).

You can use ‘Filter‘ to see which posts or pages have been changed. Just tap ‘Sync Required‘ to show the posts which need uploading

Sync your post or page using BlogPad Pro

This is the filtered list of posts which need syncing – there was only 1 post in this case.

Sync your post or page using BlogPad Pro

If you just want to upload 1 post you can tap on it to view Post Options and then select ‘Send to Live

Sync your post or page using BlogPad Pro

If you have more than 1 post to send to live tap the sync button > Post Sync Options then tap Upload Posts to Live.

Sync your post or page using BlogPad Pro

When you upload a post it will automatically upload any tags, categories and images related to that post. You can also sync your whole blog to live if you have made changes to comments, posts and pages.

Filtering and sorting

How you can use search, filter and sort options to help manage a large WordPress blog with lots of posts and pages using BlogPad Pro for iPad

When you’ve been blogging for a while, it can be difficult to find that post or page you’re looking for. To make it easier, we’ve not only added a search (which searches the post or page titles) but also a filtering and sorting.

So, what does Filter do?

If you tap the Filter option, you can select which post statuses you would like to view. For example if you just want to view published posts select ‘Published’ and tap ‘Update’.

Note: The ‘Unknown’ status is used when you have chosen to just download post titles. The post status isn’t retrieved as part of this.

WordPress post filtering in BlogPad Pro

Now only published posts are shown in the list. To remove the filter tap ‘Clear’ and the ‘Update’. You can also select multiple statuses.

WordPress post filtering in BlogPad Pro


‘Sorting’ changes the order your posts or pages are displayed. You can choose from: Date (most recent first), Date (earliest first), Title (A-Z) and Title (Z-A)

WordPress post sorting in BlogPad Pro

Any of the searching, filtering or sorting options can be combined to make it easy for you to search through hundreds of posts or pages!

Previewing your post or page

How to preview your WordPress post or page on BlogPad Pro for iPad

There are two different ways to preview your WordPress post or page. You can either go to Posts > Post Options > Preview

Post preview on BlogPad Pro

or you can preview from editing a post by tapping the Post Options button (top right) then Preview:

Post preview on BlogPad Pro

You will then see how your post or page looks in a regular browser. If your WordPress theme supports a different theme for iPad you can view this by tapping ‘iPad Browser’. When you’re finished tap Done.

Post preview on BlogPad Pro

Removing a WordPress blog from your dashboard

How to remove a or blog from your ‘Manage Blogs’ dashboard in BlogPad Pro for iPad.

Please note that this doesn’t delete your blog, it just removes it from the app. You can always add the blog again if you change your mind.

Step 1:

Tap on the Manage Blogs icon on the top left of your screen.

How to remove your WordPress blog from BlogPad Pro step 1

Steps 2 & 3

Tap the arrow alongside the blog you want to delete from BlogPad Pro. This launches the ‘Blog Options’ menu. Select ‘Delete Blog’.

How to remove your WordPress blog from BlogPad Pro steps 2 & 3

Step 4

The app will warn you that you are about to remove this blog from BlogPad Pro. Tap ‘OK’.

How to remove your WordPress blog from BlogPad Pro step 4

Step 5

Your blog has now been removed from the ‘Manage Blogs’ list. You can remove another blog or re-add the blog you just deleted (or just carry on blogging with your other blogs!).

How to remove your WordPress blog from BlogPad Pro step 5