iPad hints and tips: parents disable those expensive in-app purchases!

This is really for parents whose kids use their iPads to play games. We’ve all heard the horror stories about the huge bills incurred by some parents (like the unlucky parents whose child racked up a huge £1300 bill playing ‘free app’ Tap Zoo!). 

These horrendous costs are generally incurred through in-app purchases, and no matter how much you trust your child, they can sometimes do this without even realising. There are 2 changes you need to make, it’s not JUST your In-App Purchase settings!

You can easily disable these easily by tapping: Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions

Then scroll down to Allowed Content and swipe In-App Purchases to OFF

iPad settings turn in app purchases off

Also – DON’T FORGET to change your password settings too. By default your device remembers your password for 15 minutes which allows your child to buy anything during this time. A friend of ours had in-app purchases disabled and still lost over £150 because of this!

Just underneath ‘In-App Purchases’ you can see ‘Require Password’. Set this to ‘Immediately’

How to close an app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

How to close a running app on your IOS device including iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

Since Apple introduced multitasking on IOS devices you’ve been able to run different apps on your device and leave them running in the background while you use another app.

This is great, but sometimes you want to close the app – sometimes it’s because your iPad is running short on memory or maybe an app has stopped responding. Closing and relaunching the app quite often fixes this.

1. To close an app double-tap on your home button (below)

iPad home button

2. The bottom bar now shows a list of all the apps on your iPad which you are currently running:

How to close an app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

3. Tap and hold one of these icons until they wiggle and red minus signs appear next to each icon.

How to close an app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

4. To close an app just tap on the minus sign next to it. This won’t delete your app, it will just close it.

To exit this mode just press the ‘home’ button again.

iOS 7 Update

Closing an app in iOS 7 is slightly different. When you double-tap on the home button it goes to a screen like this (below) which shows all your open apps:

Closing an app: iOS7

To close an app just swipe it upwards.

BlogPad Pro app is half price for Christmas!

As a Christmas treat for all you lovely WordPress bloggers we’re reducing BlogPad Pro for iPad to HALF PRICE for the Christmas period.

From today until 28th December BlogPad Pro will be available for just $1.99 in the US and £1.49 in the UK app store.

Grab your copy from the App Store today and enjoy a whole new world of blogging on your iPad!

If you haven’t heard of BlogPad Pro yet it’s the most professional blogging app for running ALL your WordPress blogs from your iPad.  You can blog online, in airplane mode or when you don’t have an internet connection – just sync your changes when you’re done!

Features include: WYSIWYG editing, comment moderation, creating and editing posts and pages, WordPress.com blog stats, adding images & featured images, custom fields, sticky posts, draft posts and lots more…

You can see more information about blogging with BlogPad Pro here:

We’ll still be around over the Christmas break if you have any questions, we might just be eating mince pies at the same time!

Merry Christmas from the team here at BlogPad Pro!

How to publish your posts

How to publish or schedule your posts and pages using BlogPad Pro for WordPress

1. Once you’ve finished creating a new post and you’re ready to publish tap on ‘Post Options’ and then ‘Edit Settings’


2. Tap on ‘Publish Date’

Photo 20-12-2012 19 19 06

3.  If you want to publish your post straight away tap ‘Publish Immediately’.

If you prefer to schedule your post for a future time and date select, for example, the next day at 14.35.

Photo 20-12-2012 19 19 14

4. Then change the status to ‘Scheduled’.

You don’t need to do this if you select ‘Publish Immediately’ as the status is automatically changed to ‘Published’.

Photo 20-12-2012 19 19 19

5. When you’re happy and ready to publish just tap ‘Update’ and your post will publish (or schedule if that’s what you’ve set it to do!)

How to create a new post offline and then upload it

How to create a new post when you’re working offline or without an internet connection

You can set BlogPad Pro to be ‘offline’, for example if you’re out and about and don’t want to use up too much data.

To do this tap on the green ‘Settings’ button on the bottom left.

This is what the settings button looks like:

settings button

The first option you see is ‘Set Application Offline’, change this to ON then tap ‘done’.

Photo 20-12-2012 18 34 57

2. Now select the blog you want to work on by tapping on the blue Blogs icon and selecting your blog

3. You should now see the posts screen. Tap on the + icon to add a new post

Photo 20-12-2012 18 40 28

4. You’ll see a message like this telling you that you’re working offline. Just tap OK or ‘Don’t show again’ if you don’t want to see this message every time you save.

Photo 20-12-2012 18 40 44

5. Now you can create your post as normal.

Note the yellow notification badge in the menu next your Posts icon telling you that you have 1 post which needs uploading to live.

Photo 20-12-2012 18 40 52

6. I have added some text and a picture from my iPad camera roll. Tap the save button (top right) to save your changes. This DOES NOT publish your post, it just saves your content (unless you’re working ONline and your post is already published, then the save button will update your live post).

Photo 20-12-2012 18 42 32

7. Once your post is finished and you have saved. Go to post settings and tap ‘Close Editor’.

How to create a new post offline and then upload it

8. Once you get back online you can upload your post. (If you changed your settings to “set BlogPad Pro to be ‘offline'”  you’ll need to switch this bach OFF).

The notification badge shows that I just have 1 post that I need to upload. To upload a single post tap on it, and in ‘Post Options’ select ‘Send To Live’.

This updates your content, but will only publish the post IF you changed your post status to ‘published’

Photo 20-12-2012 18 43 19

9. If you have more than 1 post to upload tap on the ‘sync’ icon and within ‘Post Sync Options’ select the bottom option ‘Upload Posts To Live’.

This should upload any changes or new posts along with any images in them.

Photo 20-12-2012 18 43 26

10. You’ll know that your upload was successful when the yellow notification badge disappears, meaning your offline content has been uploaded.

How to find which version of WordPress you’re using

It’s really simple to find which version of WordPress.org you’re using for your blog when you’re blogging using BlogPad Pro for iPad.

Go to Manage Blogs > Edit Blog Settings

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see your WordPress software version:

find your WordPress version

You can also find your WordPress version by looking in your blog file system.

There is a file in your blog directory wp-includes/version.php. If you open this in a text editor you can see the version number.

This is only for WordPress.org (self-hosted) blogs, if you are using WordPress.com you don’t need to worry about which version as this changes automatically.

Thanks for the five-star ratings everyone!

Wow, one week after launching BlogPad Pro for iPad we’ve had some great ★★★★★ ratings and reviews in the App Store, thanks everyone!


Here are some of our favourite comments so far:

  • I am so excited to have finally found the perfect blogging app for all my WordPress blogging needs
  • Great app! Simple to use, & no prior knowledge of HTML is needed to be able to blog from your iPad
  • I often write blogs on the train & the amount of times I have lost work due to not be able to work offline on a WordPress app. This app solves the problem, especially when it’s so easy to update my live blogs when I get back online again!
  • I blog on my iPad a lot and this app makes mobile blogging really easy
  • After using many alternatives, this does everything I need and more. It makes the process of managing several blogs easy. Allows you to do anything you need to, and is all contained in a lovely interface
  • The interface is pretty intuitive, even for a technophobe like me, and I like the fact i can blog on-line or off-line with this app. No more hunting around for coffee shops with WiFi when the muse takes me
  • (and this one’s my favourite) Thank you for making this, I’d award 6 stars if I could. Brilliant app and a bargain.

Thanks everyone, we really appreciate the positive feedback! Don’t forget to rate us if you like BlogPad Pro 🙂

Also, if you’ve tried our app and have any feedback about features you would like to see, or any problems you’ve had please get in touch and we’ll try and help!

View your blog’s tags

How to see your WordPress blog’s tags on BlogPad Pro for iPad

You can view all your tags by tapping on the green ‘Tags’ button in the left menu. If you have lots of tags on your site (and I think most people probably do) you might find it easier to search for tag you’re looking for in the search box.

Another way of viewing your blog’s tags is by sorting them. You have the choice of sorting either by Number of Posts (Most First), Number of Posts (Least First), Tag Name (A-Z) or Tag Name (Z-A).

WordPress blog tags on BlogPad Pro for iPad

You can also view all posts related to a particular tag by tapping on the tag and the selecting ‘View Posts’.  

WordPress blog tags on BlogPad Pro for iPad

This takes you to the ‘Posts’ list filtered by the tag you selected. Just tap the ‘x’ to clear this selection and show all posts again.

WordPress blog tags on BlogPad Pro for iPad

How to turn falling snow on (or off) your WordPress blog

It’s that time of year once again, where we’re all starting to feel some festive cheer, and you might have noticed falling snow appearing on some of your favourite WordPress.com blogs

Are you wondering how to turn this option on?

Go to your online dashboard > Settings > General

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th” – simply check the box to turn on some festive falling snow.

Falling snow on WordPress

If you’ve suddenly discovered falling snow on your blog (maybe you turned this option on last year), simply uncheck the button to turn off.

Downloading your blog for working offline

How to download your WordPress blog if you’re going to be working offline or in airplane mode.

If you’re going on a plane journey or know you’re going to be blogging offline you might want to download part or all of your blog to give you access to your posts, pages, comments or image library while you’re offline.

Downloading Posts

To download posts tap on the orange Posts button in the left menu and then tap ‘Post Sync Options‘. Select how many posts you would like to retrieve and then tap ‘Get Posts

oad Posts using BlogPad Pro

Downloading a post will automatically retrieve any images, tags or categories used in that post.

Please note: If you want to have the full content of each page available offline make sure the ‘Only get Post Titles’ box is unchecked.

Also, if you are downloading a large number of posts it could take some time and you may prefer to do this while you’re connected via a wireless network.

Downloading pages

To download pages tap the blue ‘Pages’ button in the left menu, then tap the Page Sync Options, select the number of posts to download and tap ‘Get Pages

oad Pages using BlogPad Pro

Downloading media

When you download posts and pages any media items used in them are automatically downloaded into the BlogPad Pro media library on your iPad.

If you want to download more media items tap on the yellow Media icon in the left menu, tap ‘Media Sync Options’ and select the number of images or media you would like to download, then tap ‘Get Media’.

If you are downloading a large number of media items you may prefer to do this while you’re connected via a wireless network.

oad comments using BlogPad Pro

Downloading comments:

To download the latest comments or pingbacks/trackbacks to BlogPad Pro tap the pink ‘Comments‘ button in the left menu, tap ‘Comment Sync Options’ and select the number of comments you wish to retrieve. Then tap ‘Get Comments‘.

oad comments using BlogPad Pro