iPad hints and tips: parents disable those expensive in-app purchases!

This is really for parents whose kids use their iPads to play games. We’ve all heard the horror stories about the huge bills incurred by some parents (like the unlucky parents whose child racked up a huge £1300 bill playing ‘free app’ Tap Zoo!). 

These horrendous costs are generally incurred through in-app purchases, and no matter how much you trust your child, they can sometimes do this without even realising. There are 2 changes you need to make, it’s not JUST your In-App Purchase settings!

You can easily disable these easily by tapping: Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions

Then scroll down to Allowed Content and swipe In-App Purchases to OFF

iPad settings turn in app purchases off

Also – DON’T FORGET to change your password settings too. By default your device remembers your password for 15 minutes which allows your child to buy anything during this time. A friend of ours had in-app purchases disabled and still lost over £150 because of this!

Just underneath ‘In-App Purchases’ you can see ‘Require Password’. Set this to ‘Immediately’

Editing your post settings

How to change your post settings on your WordPress blog with BlogPad Pro for iPad

Step 1:

Tap on the orange Posts icon on the menu bar.

Step 2:

Then tap on the post you want to edit and you will see the Post Options menu (below).

Editing a WordPress post on BlogPad Pro for iPad, step 2

Edit Settings

This option allows you to edit your post properties. These include the title, categories, tags, status, visibility, publish date and whether the post allows comments and pingbacks.  

Once you have changed this information you can either Update to save your changes or Cancel to close without saving.

BlogPad Pro post settings

To edit categories tap on Categories to see your menu. This displays a list of categories on your blog.

Tap each category you want to attach to the post or click the + button to add a new category.

Editing post categories

To add tags to your post you can either tap to select them from the list of tags or start typing in the box at the top. If the tag already exists just tap in the list to select, or select ‘Add’ to add a new tag.

Post tags

You can also set the publish date (below)

wordpress post publish date

The status options you have are: Draft, Published, Scheduled or Pending.

WordPress post privacy settings

Your post visibility options are: Public, Password Protected and Private. The default setting for this is public.

Post visibility options

Other post settings include excerpt, featured image, post format, sticky, custom fields, slug and whether you show BlogPad Pro credits.

Advanced post settings