Adding a WordPress blog

How to add your WordPress-hosted blog or self-hosted WordPress blog to BlogPad Pro for your iPad. The BlogPad Pro app supports multiple WordPress blogs and user accounts.

Step 1:

Click the blue Manage Blogs button in the navigation bar (if you’re not there already).
Tap the button: Add New Blog

Step 2:

Select which type of WordPress blog you would like to add. You have 2 options:

  • Add an existing WordPress-hosted blog
  • Add a self-hosted WordPress blog

Step 3:

Once you have selected which blog type you would like to add, enter your WordPress username and password to log in.

Steps 4 & 5:

Once you are logged in to your WordPress account you can see a list of all the blogs associated with that user account.

Select which blogs you would like to add to BlogPad Pro. You can select one or some of your blogs by checking them or tap the Select All Available button to choose all blogs.

Once your blogs are selected, tap the Add Selected button.

Step 6:

BlogPad Pro then retrieves your blog information (posts, pages, comments etc). Be patient! this can take a few seconds if you have a large blog.

Step 7:

Your blog, or blogs, have now been added and will be listed on the Manage Blogs screen.

Simply tap on the blog you want to start editing.

Having problems logging in? You might want to read this!