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How to read the your blog subscriptions through BlogPad Pro for iPad

If you’re an avid blogger, odds are you love reading other people’s blogs too. If you subscribe to their blog feeds through WordPress you can easily catch up on the latest blog posts in the ‘Reading Section’.

Just tap on the light purple ‘Read’ button in the left nav to see the latest news from the blogs you follow (below). As you can see you only get the headlines, to read the full post tap the arrow to the right of the post summary.

BlogPad Pro screenshot reading blogs


You can also browse WordPress blogs by topic – for example all recent posts tagged with the word ‘iPad’ or ‘Fashion’.

To change to this view, tap on the grey icon in the ‘Read’ bar and you’ll see these options (below): Freshly Pressed, Blogs I Follow, Recommended Blogs, Posts I Like and the topics that you’ve set up.

Just tap on the topic you want to start reading.

BlogPad Pro screenshot reading blogs

Note: This feature only works when  you are logged into your account. Self hosted WordPress accounts do not support this feature.

You can find out more information about managing your blog subscriptions through WordPress here.

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