Issues with bbPress Forum Plugin

We have discovered that the bbPress forum plugin is creating issues for some self-hosted WordPress blog users with the latest version of BlogPad Pro (version 1.3). 

The plugin uses some custom user roles which are unrecognised by BlogPad Pro and means that when you add your blog you have really limited user privileges. You won’t be able to add and upload images, publish posts etc.

Now that we’ve become aware of this issue our developer is working on a fix, and this should be ready to resubmit to the App Store soon. 

Please bear with us, it takes a bit of time to get a new version of BlogPad Pro ready for release as we like to do thorough user testing and we also have no control over how long it takes Apple to approve the new version of the app (although generally that takes about a week if it goes smoothly and the queue of apps waiting isn’t too long).

One thing you can try in the meantime is to disable the bbPress plugin. I know this may not be something you want to do, and if the plugin is bundled in with a theme (like for example the Enfold theme) this may not fix the problem unless you temporarily change your theme too. 

Thanks for your patience and your feedback which has helped us to get to the bottom of this issue, and you’ll be notified as soon as the bug fix is ready to download! It’s tough to build an app which works with thousands of custom plugins and themes as it’s impossible for us to have every plugin installed ourselves, but with your feedback we can fix most things ūüôā

WordPress: What are plugins?

Do you keep hearing bloggers talk about great plugins¬†they’re using? Do you have no idea what they’re talking about? That’s probably because you’re using a WordPress-hosted blog rather than a self-hosted blog¬†(if you don’t know the difference between the two, read this article on vs

So, what is a plugin?

Plugins are a little apps which you can download and install to extend the functionality of your blog, but only on self-hosted¬†blogs. If you’re using a WordPress hosted blog you just have to make-do with widgets.

You can get plugins which do pretty-much anything, from SEO, to creating a site map,  to helping you to integrate with social media platforms including YouTube, Flickr, Facebook etc.

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