Problems with iPad spell check and auto-correct and how to fix them

Have you found that your iPad or iPhone has recently started auto-correcting perfectly normal words to really strange ones?

This can happen in any IOS app which uses Apple’s built-in auto-correction, auto-complete and spell-checking mechanisms. This includes BlogPad Pro, although we’re currently looking into other options to get around this issue. 

iPad spell check problem

But why does this happen?

IOS uses a unique dictionary which ‘learns’ new words depending on the words you use. If you reject an auto-corrected word twice, the dictionary assumes the new word is correct and adds it to the dictionary. 
This can result in strange phrases and misspelled words replacing proper words.
IOS auto correct problem

So what can I do to fix the problem?

One way of fixing this is by disabling these features. To do this go into your iPad or iPhone settings:
Settings > General > Keyboard

Once you’re in keyboard settings here are three options you can disable:

  • Auto-capitalization
  • Auto-correction
  • Check spelling
Another option is to reset your keyboard to factory settings.
To do this go to your iPad or iPhone settings:
Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary.
Please bear in mind that this sets your keyboard to default settings and will delete all custom words.

How to close an app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

How to close a running app on your IOS device including iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

Since Apple introduced multitasking on IOS devices you’ve been able to run different apps on your device and leave them running in the background while you use another app.

This is great, but sometimes you want to close the app – sometimes it’s because your iPad is running short on memory or maybe an app has stopped responding. Closing and relaunching the app quite often fixes this.

1. To close an app double-tap on your home button (below)

iPad home button

2. The bottom bar now shows a list of all the apps on your iPad which you are currently running:

How to close an app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

3. Tap and hold one of these icons until they wiggle and red minus signs appear next to each icon.

How to close an app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

4. To close an app just tap on the minus sign next to it. This won’t delete your app, it will just close it.

To exit this mode just press the ‘home’ button again.

iOS 7 Update

Closing an app in iOS 7 is slightly different. When you double-tap on the home button it goes to a screen like this (below) which shows all your open apps:

Closing an app: iOS7

To close an app just swipe it upwards.