Update: Major iOS 8.3 Bug

iOS 8.3 has a major bug which causes BlogPad Pro to crash as soon as it starts. We found a work-around for this issue almost immediately, but we are still waiting for this new version of BlogPad Pro to be approved by Apple. We appreciate how frustrating this is – we are very frustrated too. We have asked Apple to expedite the approval in the hope that you can get it sooner rather than have to wait a week or so, but we’ve had no response so we are at their mercy.

If you would like a pre-release version of the bug fix (BlogPad Pro version 1.7) please get in touch and we will try to add you to our Beta program. Please note that we only have limited spaces available for beta testers but we will try to accommodate as many people so that you can start using the app again.

Thank you to all the people who have got in touch over the last fortnight and expressed their support at what has been a really difficult time. However, if we are to continue to support and maintain BlogPad Pro, we need your support more than ever before.

Issues Caused By Upgrading To IOS8

Please be aware that upgrading to IOS8 at this stage will cause issues in BlogPad Pro which will result in reduced functionality.

We are currently working on fixes to remedy the problems caused by IOS8 and will issue a new release as soon as possible.