View your WordPress blog Stats

How to view your blog stats from within BlogPad Pro for iPad.

If you are using a blog you can view your blog stats through BlogPad Pro.

Just tap on the green Statistics button in the left nav and you will see your stats page in the dashboard:

If you have multiple blogs under the same username you can use the drop down menu to switch between blogs.




You can now also view stats for your Self-Hosted WordPress blog if you have the WordPress Jetpack plugin installed!

Don’t forget, you can download BlogPad Pro app for iPad from the App Store!

BlogPad Pro version 1.2 is now ready to download

BlogPad Pro version 1.2 is now available to download from the App Store, so go and update your copy now!

Version 1.2 packed with exciting new features as well as bug fixes and all you need to do to update your copy is to go to our page in the App Store and select ‘update’. It should also appear in your ‘update’ list in the App Store app.

New features include:

  • New image-handling features
    – Ability to automatically resize images added from device to preset constraints (which are editable)
    – Ability to automatically upload high-resolution version, as well as the resized version, of a new image added from the device
    – Ability to automatically add link to higher resolution version of image from the device
    – Ability to manually override any of the above when adding a new image from the device
  • Ability to set year, as well as month, date, hours and minutes, for when to publish a Post/Page
  • Ability to copy a Media Item’s URL to the clipboard (so that users can manually paste this)
  • Ability to resize the display font for the WYSIWYG editor
  • Ability to hide “AutoSave” notifications from being displayed – if “Show AutoSave Operation” setting switched off, this will stop the AutoSave alert from showing every so many seconds
  • Ability to hide Memory Warnings from being displayed – if “Show Memory Warnings” setting is switched off, this will stop the Memory Warnings from showing
Link to hi-res image in WordPress iPad app

BlogPad Pro app is half price for Christmas!

As a Christmas treat for all you lovely WordPress bloggers we’re reducing BlogPad Pro for iPad to HALF PRICE for the Christmas period.

From today until 28th December BlogPad Pro will be available for just $1.99 in the US and £1.49 in the UK app store.

Grab your copy from the App Store today and enjoy a whole new world of blogging on your iPad!

If you haven’t heard of BlogPad Pro yet it’s the most professional blogging app for running ALL your WordPress blogs from your iPad.  You can blog online, in airplane mode or when you don’t have an internet connection – just sync your changes when you’re done!

Features include: WYSIWYG editing, comment moderation, creating and editing posts and pages, blog stats, adding images & featured images, custom fields, sticky posts, draft posts and lots more…

You can see more information about blogging with BlogPad Pro here:

We’ll still be around over the Christmas break if you have any questions, we might just be eating mince pies at the same time!

Merry Christmas from the team here at BlogPad Pro!

How to publish your posts

How to publish or schedule your posts and pages using BlogPad Pro for WordPress

1. Once you’ve finished creating a new post and you’re ready to publish tap on ‘Post Options’ and then ‘Edit Settings’


2. Tap on ‘Publish Date’

Photo 20-12-2012 19 19 06

3.  If you want to publish your post straight away tap ‘Publish Immediately’.

If you prefer to schedule your post for a future time and date select, for example, the next day at 14.35.

Photo 20-12-2012 19 19 14

4. Then change the status to ‘Scheduled’.

You don’t need to do this if you select ‘Publish Immediately’ as the status is automatically changed to ‘Published’.

Photo 20-12-2012 19 19 19

5. When you’re happy and ready to publish just tap ‘Update’ and your post will publish (or schedule if that’s what you’ve set it to do!)

New features in BlogPad Pro version 1.1

I’m delighted to announce we’ve just launched BlogPad Pro version 1.1 which has some great new features as well as some bug fixes.

You can now browse, search and add YouTube videos straight into your WordPress blog posts as well as being able to add video files from your media library on self-hosted blogs. You can read more about how to do this in our tutorial here.

Add video to your WordPress blog with BlogPad Pro

We’ve also added a few extra options in settings, including being able to set a default size for any new images you insert – which should save you lots of time when creating long blog posts. Just set the default width to the maximum size for your WordPress theme and no more cropped or squashed images! You can see our tutorial on this here.

You can now also insert links to different file types which appear in your media library, including Pdf files, Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint and OpenDocument text documents. Just browse to the item in your library and tap ‘Insert link to file’. You can also add links to video files which aren’t embeddable in a web page such as wmv files. 

To update your copy of BlogPad Pro just tap here and select ‘Update’!

View your blog’s tags

How to see your WordPress blog’s tags on BlogPad Pro for iPad

You can view all your tags by tapping on the green ‘Tags’ button in the left menu. If you have lots of tags on your site (and I think most people probably do) you might find it easier to search for tag you’re looking for in the search box.

Another way of viewing your blog’s tags is by sorting them. You have the choice of sorting either by Number of Posts (Most First), Number of Posts (Least First), Tag Name (A-Z) or Tag Name (Z-A).

WordPress blog tags on BlogPad Pro for iPad

You can also view all posts related to a particular tag by tapping on the tag and the selecting ‘View Posts’.  

WordPress blog tags on BlogPad Pro for iPad

This takes you to the ‘Posts’ list filtered by the tag you selected. Just tap the ‘x’ to clear this selection and show all posts again.

WordPress blog tags on BlogPad Pro for iPad

Downloading your blog for working offline

How to download your WordPress blog if you’re going to be working offline or in airplane mode.

If you’re going on a plane journey or know you’re going to be blogging offline you might want to download part or all of your blog to give you access to your posts, pages, comments or image library while you’re offline.

Downloading Posts

To download posts tap on the orange Posts button in the left menu and then tap ‘Post Sync Options‘. Select how many posts you would like to retrieve and then tap ‘Get Posts

oad Posts using BlogPad Pro

Downloading a post will automatically retrieve any images, tags or categories used in that post.

Please note: If you want to have the full content of each page available offline make sure the ‘Only get Post Titles’ box is unchecked.

Also, if you are downloading a large number of posts it could take some time and you may prefer to do this while you’re connected via a wireless network.

Downloading pages

To download pages tap the blue ‘Pages’ button in the left menu, then tap the Page Sync Options, select the number of posts to download and tap ‘Get Pages

oad Pages using BlogPad Pro

Downloading media

When you download posts and pages any media items used in them are automatically downloaded into the BlogPad Pro media library on your iPad.

If you want to download more media items tap on the yellow Media icon in the left menu, tap ‘Media Sync Options’ and select the number of images or media you would like to download, then tap ‘Get Media’.

If you are downloading a large number of media items you may prefer to do this while you’re connected via a wireless network.

oad comments using BlogPad Pro

Downloading comments:

To download the latest comments or pingbacks/trackbacks to BlogPad Pro tap the pink ‘Comments‘ button in the left menu, tap ‘Comment Sync Options’ and select the number of comments you wish to retrieve. Then tap ‘Get Comments‘.

oad comments using BlogPad Pro

Reading the blogs you subscribe to at

How to read the your blog subscriptions through BlogPad Pro for iPad

If you’re an avid blogger, odds are you love reading other people’s blogs too. If you subscribe to their blog feeds through WordPress you can easily catch up on the latest blog posts in the ‘Reading Section’.

Just tap on the light purple ‘Read’ button in the left nav to see the latest news from the blogs you follow (below). As you can see you only get the headlines, to read the full post tap the arrow to the right of the post summary.

BlogPad Pro screenshot reading blogs


You can also browse WordPress blogs by topic – for example all recent posts tagged with the word ‘iPad’ or ‘Fashion’.

To change to this view, tap on the grey icon in the ‘Read’ bar and you’ll see these options (below): Freshly Pressed, Blogs I Follow, Recommended Blogs, Posts I Like and the topics that you’ve set up.

Just tap on the topic you want to start reading.

BlogPad Pro screenshot reading blogs

Note: This feature only works when  you are logged into your account. Self hosted WordPress accounts do not support this feature.

You can find out more information about managing your blog subscriptions through WordPress here.

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Our WYSIWYG Editor

Blog Pad Pro has a built-in WYSIWYG editor for editing your WordPress blog on your iPad. Perfect for everyone who hasn’t got the time, inclination or expertise to write all their WordPress blog posts in html!

Of course you can always edit the html code of your page or post too, but the visual editor is there to make writing each post easy allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, the blog content.

BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG undo button
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG redo button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG bold button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG italics button
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG strikethrough buttonStrikethrough
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG underline button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG left align button
Left align
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG center align button
Centre align
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG right align button
Right align
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG justify button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG bullet list button
Bulleted list
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG numbered list button
Numbered list
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG blockquote button
Block quote
BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG more button
More button
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG add image or media button
Add image
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG hyperlink button
Add/edit link
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG unlink button
Remove link
 BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG edit html button
View/edit html
 soft return button
Soft return

Photo 29-04-2013 12 18 57

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View your blog categories

How to see your WordPress blog categories with BlogPad Pro for iPad

To see the categories on your WordPress blog tap the purple ‘Categories’ button in the left menu. You then see a list of the categories you have used. You can scroll through these, or search using the search box.

You can also sort them by name, either A-Z or Z-A.

View your WordPress blog categories in BlogPad Pro for iPad

You can also select a category and delete it (see below)

View your WordPress blog categories in BlogPad Pro for iPad