Adding a WordPress blog

How to add your WordPress-hosted blog or self-hosted WordPress blog to BlogPad Pro for your iPad. The BlogPad Pro app supports multiple WordPress blogs and user accounts.

Step 1:

Click the blue Manage Blogs button in the navigation bar (if you’re not there already).
Tap the button: Add New Blog

Step 2:

Select which type of WordPress blog you would like to add. You have 2 options:

  • Add an existing WordPress-hosted blog
  • Add a self-hosted WordPress blog

Step 3:

Once you have selected which blog type you would like to add, enter your WordPress username and password to log in.

Steps 4 & 5:

Once you are logged in to your WordPress account you can see a list of all the blogs associated with that user account.

Select which blogs you would like to add to BlogPad Pro. You can select one or some of your blogs by checking them or tap the Select All Available button to choose all blogs.

Once your blogs are selected, tap the Add Selected button.

Step 6:

BlogPad Pro then retrieves your blog information (posts, pages, comments etc). Be patient! this can take a few seconds if you have a large blog.

Step 7:

Your blog, or blogs, have now been added and will be listed on the Manage Blogs screen.

Simply tap on the blog you want to start editing.

Having problems logging in? You might want to read this!

Add an image to your post or page

How to add an image from your iPad camera roll, WordPress media library or a URL to a WordPress blog post/page using BlogPad Pro for iPad.

Step 1:

Create a new post or open the post you want to edit by tapping on the orange ‘Posts’ icon and selecting: ‘Edit content’.

Once your post is open tap on your post where your want the image to go:

Adding a photo to your WordPress post with BlogPad Pro app

Step 2:

Tap on the camera icon BlogPad Pro WYSIWYG add image or media button to add your image.

Select where you want to add your image from. You can choose ‘From Device’ (from your iPad camera roll), ‘From Media Library’ or ‘From URL’

Adding a photo to your WordPress post with BlogPad Pro app

Step 3

If you are adding an image from your Camera Roll just tap to add:

Adding a photo to your WordPress post with BlogPad Pro app

If your image is too large to upload (this is controlled by the Max upload filesize setting in your blog settings) you will see this message (below). If you choose to add the image anyway you will need to make the image size smaller (instructions below).

Adding a photo to your WordPress post with BlogPad Pro app

You can also add an image from Media Library (you can search the image titles to find the image you’re looking for):

Adding a photo to your WordPress post with BlogPad Pro app

You can also add an image from URL. You will need to know the web address of the image you want to add:

Adding a photo to your WordPress post with BlogPad Pro app

Step 4:

You will need to add Title Text for your image before it can be inserted. It is also a good idea to add Alt Text – you should use a short phrase which describes your picture.

To stop the image being too large for your blog you can change the width or height by tapping on the number and editing the number. You can also use the % slider to change the size of your image.

Adding a photo to your WordPress post with BlogPad Pro app

Once you’re happy with the size and details tap: Insert Image.

You can always edit your image settings again by tapping on your image and selecting the yellow button (see below). The red icon deletes your image.

Editing image properties

Creating a new WordPress post

How to create a new post on your WordPress-hosted or self-hosted WordPress blog using BlogPad Pro for iPad

Steps 1 & 2

Tap the posts icon (that’s the orange button in the left menu). Then in the posts menu tap the + button (top right) to create a new post.

 create a new post

Steps 3 & 4

In the ‘Add New Post’ box enter your post title (you can always change this by editing your post settings afterwards).

You can also edit the following settings: allow comments, allow pingbacks, publish date, post status, visibility, post format and excerpt. The only information you need to add at this stage is the post title.

You can change any of these settings at a later date by selecting ‘edit post settings’.

Tip: leave the post status as draft until you are ready to publish your post.

Once you have added your title tap Save to create your post.

create a new post

Step 5

Once the post has been created the new post opens on your screen ready for you to start writing.

new post

Don’t forget to tap on the save button (top right) to save your changes. 

NOTE: The post is saved as a draft until you go to your post settings (top right of the screen) and schedule or publish your post.

Manage your blog comments

How to manage comments, pingbacks and trackbacks on your or blog with BlogPad Pro for iPad.

Step 1:

Tap the pink Comments icon in the menu

Manage WordPress blog comments with BlogPad Pro for iPad step 1

Steps 2 & 3:

 To get the latest comments tap the ‘Refresh’ icon. You can choose the number of most recent comments to retrieve, then tap ‘Get Comments’.

Manage WordPress blog comments with BlogPad Pro for iPad steps 2 & 3

Step 4:

You now have got an up to date list of comments. If you want to change the status of a post, edit, delete or reply to a comment tap on it to launch the ‘Comment Options’ menu and select your option.

Manage WordPress blog comments with BlogPad Pro for iPad step 4

When you go into your blog comments you will see approved comments in white and unapproved / pending comments in yellow. To quickly manage your unapproved comments, click on the comment and in the menu choose either approve or mark as spam.

 To see the comment in more detail or to make changes you can select Edit.

Editing a comment:

When you select edit, you can change the name, email, web address and content of the comment as well as it’s status. When you have finished editing you can select Update to save and close the editing screen, or Cancel to exit without saving.

Manage WordPress blog comments with BlogPad Pro for iPad step 5

Replying to a comment

To reply to a comment, tap on the comment and select ‘Reply to’. Type your reply in the text box and tap ‘Save’ to publish your reply.

Manage WordPress blog comments with BlogPad Pro for iPad step 6

Filtering your comments

If you have a blog with lots of comments it can be difficult to manage your comments without having to scroll through pages before you find the comments you want. To help you with this we’ve added a couple of options:

Filtering: this helps you view comments by status. You can select approved, unapproved or spam comments (or a combination of any of these). By default your comments screen shows your most recent approved and unapproved comments.

Filtering WordPress blog comments on BlogPad Pro for iPad

Sorting your comments

You can sort your comments by date (most recent/latest or earliest), alphabetically by post title (either A-Z or Z-A) or by author name (again either A-Z or Z-A).

Sorting WordPress blog comments on BlogPad Pro for iPad

Searching your comments

You can also search for comments by searching the post titles. For example: if you want to find all comments relating to a post with 1950s in the title you can search for “1950s”:

Searching your WordPress comments with BlogPad Pro for iPad

What is the difference between mark as spam and delete?

Mark as spam moves a comment into the spam folder, which you can access by clicking on Filter and selecting Spam. When you delete a post it is deleted permanently and you will not be able to retrieve. The Delete option should be used with caution.