Issues Caused By Upgrading To IOS8

Please be aware that upgrading to IOS8 at this stage will cause issues in BlogPad Pro which will result in reduced functionality.

We are currently working on fixes to remedy the problems caused by IOS8 and will issue a new release as soon as possible.

Issues with bbPress Forum Plugin

We have discovered that the bbPress forum plugin is creating issues for some self-hosted WordPress blog users with the latest version of BlogPad Pro (version 1.3). 

The plugin uses some custom user roles which are unrecognised by BlogPad Pro and means that when you add your blog you have really limited user privileges. You won’t be able to add and upload images, publish posts etc.

Now that we’ve become aware of this issue our developer is working on a fix, and this should be ready to resubmit to the App Store soon. 

Please bear with us, it takes a bit of time to get a new version of BlogPad Pro ready for release as we like to do thorough user testing and we also have no control over how long it takes Apple to approve the new version of the app (although generally that takes about a week if it goes smoothly and the queue of apps waiting isn’t too long).

One thing you can try in the meantime is to disable the bbPress plugin. I know this may not be something you want to do, and if the plugin is bundled in with a theme (like for example the Enfold theme) this may not fix the problem unless you temporarily change your theme too. 

Thanks for your patience and your feedback which has helped us to get to the bottom of this issue, and you’ll be notified as soon as the bug fix is ready to download! It’s tough to build an app which works with thousands of custom plugins and themes as it’s impossible for us to have every plugin installed ourselves, but with your feedback we can fix most things ūüôā

New release: BlogPad Pro version 1.2 is packed with new features

We’ve just submitted version 1.2 of BlogPad Pro app to the App Store and we’re waiting for it to be approved. It’s packed with new features and improvements as well as some bug fixes.

New Features:

  • Image-handling features
    –¬†Ability to automatically resize images added from device to preset constraints (which are editable)
    –¬†Ability to automatically upload high-resolution version, as well as the resized version, of a new image added from the device
    – Ability to automatically add link to higher resolution version of image from the device
    – Ability to manually override any of the above when adding a new image from the device
  • Ability to set year, as well as month, date, hours and minutes, for when to publish a Post/Page
  • Ability to copy a Media Item’s URL to the clipboard (so that users can manually paste this)
  • Ability to resize the display font for the WYSIWYG editor
  • Ability to hide “AutoSave” notifications from being displayed – if “Show AutoSave¬†Operation” setting switched off, this will stop the AutoSave alert from showing every so many seconds
  • Ability to hide Memory Warnings from being displayed – if “Show Memory Warnings” setting is switched off, this will stop the Memory Warnings from showing
Link to hi-res image in WordPress iPad app

You can now choose to upload and link to a high-res version of your image

WYSIWYG Editor Improvements and fixes:

  • Much improvement handling of HTML
  • “Next Page” icon added, to represent where a <!–nextpage–>markers appear in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • JavaScript icon added, to represent where JavaScript blocks appear in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Formatting of JavaScript code blocks remains unchanged by the editor
  • Visually styled <pre> content when inside the WYSIWYG editor
  • Fixed issue with handling of <pre> tags in content
  • Ensured that <pre> tag is not the last element on the page, so that users can break out of the <pre> tag without having to go into HTML mode.
  • Added “Not yet supported!” alert box to all Media Types that are not yet editable via UI
  • When the device was rotated when in WYSIWYG mode, and with the Post Options drop down showing, the dropdown appears in the wrong place.
  • Disabled HSPACE¬†and VSPACE¬†for WordPress-hosted iframes, as WordPress do not support this
  • Added default image for YouTube search list icon (in case a thumbnail doesn’t get loaded!)
  • Show a movie icon for a movie using an iframe, rather than the iframe one
  • When previewing against Live, make better use of screen space by hiding unwanted elements
  • Ability to add links to a PDFs, Word Docs, Excel, Flash Movie
BlogPad Pro app for iPad and WordPress blogging

Improved date options for scheduling posts & pages

Other Improvements:

  • When app launched, if only 1 blog exists, that Blog is selected by default, showing the list of Posts for that Blog
  • Some graphics elements improved:
  • Some icons in higher resolutions, to improve clarity on retina displays
  • Flash icon added for Flash items in media library
  • Improved “remove” icon for tags
  • Re-arranged grouping of General Settings – create 3 sections: General App Settings, Blog-related Settings, Media-related Settings
  • Tweaked display of Server messages
  • Tweaked display of App Version messages
  • Improved handling of XMLRPC responses to handle situations when the returned XML was not valid XML (eg due to bugs with WordPress, or due to custom configuration of self-hosted blogs that could affect the XML output).
WordPress iPad app new features

You can now easily copy your image URL to clipboard by tapping the black & white copy icon, so that you can paste it into other applications or across separate blogs

Bugs resolved:

  • When “Restore Default Settings” was clicked in General Settings, this would hide any active Editing windows too by adding the “Getting Started” screen on top of the edit window.
  • If a Blog was deleted from the device whilst a Post from that blog was active in the editor, this would cause errors to appear after every autosave.
  • The app would sometimes crash after editing Post Settings
  • The app would sometimes crash after selecting an image from the Media Library
  • The app would sometimes crash when adding a self-hosted blog
  • When a Post that had been deleted from the WordPress Web Dashboard, and then the Post was updated from Live within the app, that Post would be removed from the device (correctly!), but then would still display a “Summary” of that post (it should not!).
  • When selecting a Featured Image in Post Settings, you were able to see other Media Types in the “From Media Library” section. This should only be images.
  • Fixed bug with version 3.4 or greater Blogs where an update to a Live Post/Page which had been deleted from Live wasn’t handle correctly. Now, the user is asked if they want to delete the Post/Page locally.
  • Fixed issue for iOS5¬†users where the app would crash if certain views (eg “Media Library -> Other”) were accessed
  • Fixed issue with WordPress-hosted blogs when scheduling a Post that is currently a draft and was initially created using the WordPress Web Dashboard. Before, this would publish the Post immediately.
New blog settings screen on BlogPad Pro

New settings added to hide autosave and memory notifications

We’ll be publishing more information on these new features and how they work over the next few days, and of course¬†we’ll let you know as soon as the update is available!

iPad hints and tips: parents disable those expensive in-app purchases!

This is really for parents whose kids use their iPads to play games. We’ve all heard the horror stories about the huge bills incurred by some parents (like the unlucky parents whose child racked up a huge ¬£1300 bill playing ‘free app’ Tap Zoo!).¬†

These horrendous costs are generally incurred through in-app purchases, and no matter how much you trust your child, they can sometimes do this without even realising. There are 2 changes you need to make, it’s not JUST your In-App Purchase settings!

You can easily disable these easily by tapping: Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions

Then scroll down to Allowed Content and swipe In-App Purchases to OFF

iPad settings turn in app purchases off

Also – DON’T FORGET to change your password settings too. By default your device remembers your password for 15 minutes which allows your child to buy anything during this time. A friend of ours had in-app purchases disabled and still lost over ¬£150 because of this!

Just underneath ‘In-App Purchases’ you can see ‘Require Password’. Set this to ‘Immediately’

New features in BlogPad Pro version 1.1

I’m delighted to announce we’ve just launched BlogPad Pro version 1.1 which has some great new features as well as some bug fixes.

You can now browse, search and add YouTube videos straight into your WordPress blog posts as well as being able to add video files from your media library on self-hosted blogs. You can read more about how to do this in our tutorial here.

Add video to your WordPress blog with BlogPad Pro

We’ve also added a few extra options in settings, including being able to set a default size for any new images you insert – which should save you lots of time when creating long blog posts. Just set the default width to the maximum size for your WordPress theme and no more cropped or squashed images! You can see our tutorial on this here.

You can now also insert links to different file types which appear in your media library, including Pdf files, Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint and OpenDocument text documents. Just browse to the item in your library and tap ‘Insert link to file’. You can also add links to video files which aren’t embeddable in a web page such as wmv files. 

To update your copy of BlogPad Pro just tap here and select ‘Update’!

BlogPad Pro: Best Blogging App Award

best blogging app award

What a nice start to Friday morning – we’ve been nominated for the Best Blogging App award on Best App Ever Awards! But we’re going to need your votes to win! If you think BlogPad Pro for iPad deserves to win, please just click to vote for us.

It only takes a second and there’s no annoying registering or signing-in needed.

BlogPad Pro has only been in the App Store for just over a week and already we’ve got a great five star rating¬† – we’re so pleased that all you WordPress bloggers love our app as much as we do!

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iPad hints and tips: the four finger swipe

A really common question is: How do I flick between open apps on my iPad?

If you’re finding it a pain when you need to be looking at an open web page and editing your blog at the same time, you don’t need to keep pressing the home button to close one app and open another, you can flick between running apps with a horizontal four-finger swipe.

Not working? You might need to enable multitasking gestures. 

Go to: Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures and make sure the toggle is set to ‘ON’.

The four finger swipe can also be used to do these things:

  • Four finger swipe to return to Home screen
  • Four finger swipe up to reveal multitasking bar
  • Four finger swipe left or right to switch between open apps


Our new iPad app is on the App Store!

I’ve just spotted our app on the homepage of the Social Networking section of the App¬† Store – how cool is that!

We’ve only been in the App Store for a day so we’re not yet showing up under all of our keywords (we’re working on that), so just tap this link, or search for BlogPad Pro and let us know what you think of the app.

If you haven’t heard of BlogPad Pro yet it’s the most professional blogging app for running ALL your WordPress blogs from your iPad.¬† Blog online, in airplane mode or when you don‚Äôt have an internet connection ‚Äď just sync your changes when you‚Äôre done!

Features include: WYSIWYG editing, comment moderation, creating and editing posts and pages, blog stats, adding images & featured images, custom fields, sticky posts, draft posts and lots more… You can find our more here