Thanks for the five-star ratings everyone!

Wow, one week after launching BlogPad Pro for iPad we’ve had some great ★★★★★ ratings and reviews in the App Store, thanks everyone!


Here are some of our favourite comments so far:

  • I am so excited to have finally found the perfect blogging app for all my WordPress blogging needs
  • Great app! Simple to use, & no prior knowledge of HTML is needed to be able to blog from your iPad
  • I often write blogs on the train & the amount of times I have lost work due to not be able to work offline on a WordPress app. This app solves the problem, especially when it’s so easy to update my live blogs when I get back online again!
  • I blog on my iPad a lot and this app makes mobile blogging really easy
  • After using many alternatives, this does everything I need and more. It makes the process of managing several blogs easy. Allows you to do anything you need to, and is all contained in a lovely interface
  • The interface is pretty intuitive, even for a technophobe like me, and I like the fact i can blog on-line or off-line with this app. No more hunting around for coffee shops with WiFi when the muse takes me
  • (and this one’s my favourite) Thank you for making this, I’d award 6 stars if I could. Brilliant app and a bargain.

Thanks everyone, we really appreciate the positive feedback! Don’t forget to rate us if you like BlogPad Pro 🙂

Also, if you’ve tried our app and have any feedback about features you would like to see, or any problems you’ve had please get in touch and we’ll try and help!

Our new iPad app is on the App Store!

I’ve just spotted our app on the homepage of the Social Networking section of the App  Store – how cool is that!

We’ve only been in the App Store for a day so we’re not yet showing up under all of our keywords (we’re working on that), so just tap this link, or search for BlogPad Pro and let us know what you think of the app.

If you haven’t heard of BlogPad Pro yet it’s the most professional blogging app for running ALL your WordPress blogs from your iPad.  Blog online, in airplane mode or when you don’t have an internet connection – just sync your changes when you’re done!

Features include: WYSIWYG editing, comment moderation, creating and editing posts and pages, blog stats, adding images & featured images, custom fields, sticky posts, draft posts and lots more… You can find our more here

Press Release: The most professional WordPress blogging app for iPad is now available

BlogPad Pro – the most professional blogging app for running ALL of your WordPress blogs from your iPad – is NOW available in the Apple App Store

Bedford, UK – November 28th 2012. Available today , the app BlogPad Pro is a beautiful and intuitive blogging app which gives you everything you need to run your WordPress blogs from your iPad:
Features include: WYSIWYG editing, comment moderation, creating and editing posts and pages, blog stats, adding images & featured images, custom fields, sticky posts, draft posts and lots more…

screenshots of BlogPad Pro app for iPad

As a team of avid WordPress bloggers, we felt there was a gap in the market for a professional (and yet easy to use) blogging app for the iPad. Our aim was to create a stable and intuitive app which gives you everything you need to run multiple large (or small!) WordPress blogs on your iPad.

We also wanted to make it easy to blog when you’re offline – like on a plane journey – or when you can’t get connected. So we’ve made a simple 1-click syncing system for updating your blog when you get back online.
We wanted our app to look great, be simple to use and packed with great features so you never need to leave your iPad. There’s nothing more annoying than having to fire up your laptop because an app just doesn’t offer you everything you need!

Features include:

  • Supports and self-hosted WordPress blogs
  • Manage multiple WordPress blogs all in one app, even with different user accounts
  • Offline or airplane mode – save content locally if you don’t have an internet connection to stop you losing work
  • One-click sync to upload all your changes when you go back online
  • WYSIWYG editing: style your posts with a touch of a button. No coding required!
  • AutoSaving of Posts and Pages – never lose your work because of unforeseen issues
  • Conflict Management – never unwillingly overwrite your work (or that of others) when working on a multi-user blog or when changes are made from different devices
  • Write and edit raw html – although with our great WYSIWYG editor you may never want to!
  • Easily find that post or media item you’re looking for with our search and filtering options
  • Check, manage and reply to blog comments on the go
  • Easily add images from your iPad, a url or your WordPress media library

Please visit for a full list of features including videos and screenshots of the app.

BlogPad Pro is now available for £2.99 in the UK and is priced accordingly in other regions. The app is available worldwide in the Apple AppStore.

BlogPad Pro app for iPad was developed by Macroweb Ltd , a web and software development company incorporated in 2004.


If you would like further information about BlogPad Pro, or if you would like a review copy of the app please contact me:
Mary Micouris, Marketing & Communication Manager, Macroweb Ltd
Twitter: @blogpadpro