Problems with iPad spell check and auto-correct and how to fix them

Have you found that your iPad or iPhone has recently started auto-correcting perfectly normal words to really strange ones?

This can happen in any IOS app which uses Apple’s built-in auto-correction, auto-complete and spell-checking mechanisms. This includes BlogPad Pro, although we’re currently looking into other options to get around this issue. 

iPad spell check problem

But why does this happen?

IOS uses a unique dictionary which ‘learns’ new words depending on the words you use. If you reject an auto-corrected word twice, the dictionary assumes the new word is correct and adds it to the dictionary. 
This can result in strange phrases and misspelled words replacing proper words.
IOS auto correct problem

So what can I do to fix the problem?

One way of fixing this is by disabling these features. To do this go into your iPad or iPhone settings:
Settings > General > Keyboard

Once you’re in keyboard settings here are three options you can disable:

  • Auto-capitalization
  • Auto-correction
  • Check spelling
Another option is to reset your keyboard to factory settings.
To do this go to your iPad or iPhone settings:
Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary.
Please bear in mind that this sets your keyboard to default settings and will delete all custom words.

iPad hints and tips: parents disable those expensive in-app purchases!

This is really for parents whose kids use their iPads to play games. We’ve all heard the horror stories about the huge bills incurred by some parents (like the unlucky parents whose child racked up a huge £1300 bill playing ‘free app’ Tap Zoo!). 

These horrendous costs are generally incurred through in-app purchases, and no matter how much you trust your child, they can sometimes do this without even realising. There are 2 changes you need to make, it’s not JUST your In-App Purchase settings!

You can easily disable these easily by tapping: Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions

Then scroll down to Allowed Content and swipe In-App Purchases to OFF

iPad settings turn in app purchases off

Also – DON’T FORGET to change your password settings too. By default your device remembers your password for 15 minutes which allows your child to buy anything during this time. A friend of ours had in-app purchases disabled and still lost over £150 because of this!

Just underneath ‘In-App Purchases’ you can see ‘Require Password’. Set this to ‘Immediately’

iPad hints and tips: orientation lock

If you’re tired of your iPad screen rotating when you don’t want it to you can set the slide switch to lock the orientation of the screen.

By default this is set to be a mute button but since you have the volume buttons right below it this maybe more useful for you.

To do this tap on Settings > General > Use Side Switch to: Lock Rotation.

iPad settings lock rotation orientation

How do I type special characters using my iPad on screen keyboard?

Have you been wondering where to find the special characters on your iPad keyboard (those with accent, grave, cedilla or umlaut marks)? As with most Apple solutions it’s surprisingly easy when you know how.

Simply press and hold the letter you want a variation of and the different special characters will pop up for you to choose. For example if you want é press and hold e.

special characters on iPad screen keyboard

If you need a capital put the caps lock on (double tap the shift key – the one with the arrow on it) and then press and hold your letter.

Below is a list of which characters are available with each letter

Letter Special Characters   Numbers & Symbols Special Characters
a à á â ä æ ã å ā   0 °
c ç ć č   — •
e é è ê ë ę ė ē   £ or $ € $ £ ¥ ₩
i ī į í ì ï î   & §
l ł   “ ” „ « »
n ñ ń   .
o ō ø œ õ ó ò ö ô   ? ¿
s ß ś š   ! ¡
u ū ú ù ü û   ` ‘ ’
w ŵ   %
y ŷ ÿ      
z ź ž ż