Problems with iPad spell check and auto-correct and how to fix them

Have you found that your iPad or iPhone has recently started auto-correcting perfectly normal words to really strange ones?

This can happen in any IOS app which uses Apple’s built-in auto-correction, auto-complete and spell-checking mechanisms. This includes BlogPad Pro, although we’re currently looking into other options to get around this issue. 

iPad spell check problem

But why does this happen?

IOS uses a unique dictionary which ‘learns’ new words depending on the words you use. If you reject an auto-corrected word twice, the dictionary assumes the new word is correct and adds it to the dictionary. 
This can result in strange phrases and misspelled words replacing proper words.
IOS auto correct problem

So what can I do to fix the problem?

One way of fixing this is by disabling these features. To do this go into your iPad or iPhone settings:
Settings > General > Keyboard

Once you’re in keyboard settings here are three options you can disable:

  • Auto-capitalization
  • Auto-correction
  • Check spelling
Another option is to reset your keyboard to factory settings.
To do this go to your iPad or iPhone settings:
Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary.
Please bear in mind that this sets your keyboard to default settings and will delete all custom words.

How to publish your posts

How to publish or schedule your posts and pages using BlogPad Pro for WordPress

1. Once you’ve finished creating a new post and you’re ready to publish tap on ‘Post Options’ and then ‘Edit Settings’


2. Tap on ‘Publish Date’

Photo 20-12-2012 19 19 06

3.  If you want to publish your post straight away tap ‘Publish Immediately’.

If you prefer to schedule your post for a future time and date select, for example, the next day at 14.35.

Photo 20-12-2012 19 19 14

4. Then change the status to ‘Scheduled’.

You don’t need to do this if you select ‘Publish Immediately’ as the status is automatically changed to ‘Published’.

Photo 20-12-2012 19 19 19

5. When you’re happy and ready to publish just tap ‘Update’ and your post will publish (or schedule if that’s what you’ve set it to do!)

How to find which version of WordPress you’re using

It’s really simple to find which version of you’re using for your blog when you’re blogging using BlogPad Pro for iPad.

Go to Manage Blogs > Edit Blog Settings

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see your WordPress software version:

find your WordPress version

You can also find your WordPress version by looking in your blog file system.

There is a file in your blog directory wp-includes/version.php. If you open this in a text editor you can see the version number.

This is only for (self-hosted) blogs, if you are using you don’t need to worry about which version as this changes automatically.

iPad hints and tips: the four finger swipe

A really common question is: How do I flick between open apps on my iPad?

If you’re finding it a pain when you need to be looking at an open web page and editing your blog at the same time, you don’t need to keep pressing the home button to close one app and open another, you can flick between running apps with a horizontal four-finger swipe.

Not working? You might need to enable multitasking gestures. 

Go to: Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures and make sure the toggle is set to ‘ON’.

The four finger swipe can also be used to do these things:

  • Four finger swipe to return to Home screen
  • Four finger swipe up to reveal multitasking bar
  • Four finger swipe left or right to switch between open apps


Can I use BlogPad Pro to edit my Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous, TypePad, Drupal or Joomla blog?

No. At the moment the BlogPad Pro app is only available for and (self-hosted) blogs. We may build in support for other blogging platforms in future releases, this depends on the customer feedback we get.

Let us know which blogging platforms you use and which you would like to see included in our iPad app!

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Can I add photos when I’m blogging offline?

Yes, you can add photos from your iPad’s camera roll or from your WordPress media library* when blogging offline using BlogPad Pro.

When you’re connected again you simply sync your blog (or upload the post you were working on) and any new photos will get added to your online WordPress media library.

Please note: You can’t add an image from URL when you’re offline.


*Only a small number of media library items are downloaded when you add your blog to BlogPad Pro.  If you want to be able to browse all items in your media library while you’re offline you will need to sync and download the library before you go offline.

Should we also connect the app to social media sites so you can retrieve your photos from there? Let us know which sites you use for photos and whether this feature is important to you for future versions of BlogPad Pro.

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How do I remove the BlogPad Pro credits from my posts?

There are two different ways of removing the ‘Edited by BlogPad Pro’ credit at the bottom of each post you create using our app.

Turn the credit off for 1 post

To turn the credit off for the post you are currently editing, tap the settings icon (top right of the page) and select ‘Edit Settings’

Scroll down to the button of the Post Settings menu and you will see the option: Has BlogPad Pro Credits. Just switch this to ‘Off

Then tap ‘Update’

Advanced post settings

Turn the credit off for all posts

To remove the BlogPad Pro credit for all posts within your blog go to your ‘Manage Blogs’ dashboard and tap on the blue arrow next to your blog. From the Blog Options menu select ‘Edit Blog Settings’

In the local Blog Settings, you will see ‘Show BlogPad Pro Credits‘. Simply switch this to ‘Off’

Then tap ‘Save Changes’.

This will switch this option off for all future posts and pages.