Update Fixing iOS 8.3 Issue Is Now Available

We are relieved to announce that Apple have finally approved the new version of BlogPad Pro which fixes the critical bug introduced by iOS 8.3.  You can now download the latest update from the App Store.

If you get the chance, please consider leaving us a positive review in the App Store.  During the last 2 weeks our business has been destroyed by Apple releasing a version of iOS with a serious bug and then waiting nearly a fortnight to approve our fix.

Because of this we have received a lot of negative reviews in the App Store.  Unless we can find a way to reverse this and start getting some App Sales this will be the last update we are able to do for BlogPad Pro. We simply can’t afford to carry on supporting and developing an app which isn’t making any money!

Hopefully if we can get some positive reviews this might make it possible to continue supporting the app.

Thank you for your support and patience!

The BlogPad Pro Team