Save vs AutoSave: What is the Difference?

You should regularly use the Save button in BlogPad Pro to save your posts as you write them, as the Auto-Save is there as a safety-mechanism in case something unexpected happens. For example, your iPad could run out of charge or perhaps (but hopefully not) the app crashes. Either way, the Auto-Save mechanism is designed to create a back-up onto your device of the most recent version of your post.

NOTE: As with any digital document you may be working with, we recommend that you regularly save changes to your Post using the Save button. This is why BlogPad Pro reminds you of unsaved changes with a Visual Indicator above the Save button which says “Save Your Changes”.

More About Auto-Save:

Auto-Save saves your post locally only on your device, and not to your blog.  So, if you’re editing a published post the Auto-Save won’t change your published content, you have to manually tap the Save button for that to happen.

You can’t access the Auto-Saved content directly, but if you open a post that had some previously Auto-Saved content it will prompt you with the following options:

  • Restore Auto-Save
  • Compare Auto-Save
  • Discard Auto-Save

Auto-save in BlogPad Pro

If you’re not sure what could have been in the Auto-Save, you can choose to compare the Auto-Save to the regularly saved version. You can then select which you want to keep.

NOTE: When you choose either the “Restore” or “Discard” options above, the Auto-Saved data is cleared (so that you’re not prompted about that same data again). That means it can’t be retrieved once replaced.

Auto-save in BlogPad Pro

Where Can I Find Previous Versions of My Post?

If you save your content regularly with the save button, and those changes are saved to your blog, (i.e. this won’t work if you’re working in offline mode) but you find yourself still wanting to revert to a previous “revision” of that Post you can still do this.

With the current version of BlogPad Pro, it’s not “natively” possible to revert to other versions, but you can get the job done by using the Web Dashboard to select which version you want, then updating that post from Live.