Uploading files from DropBox to your WordPress blog

One of the main problems we’ve found with working on an iPad is the lack of shared storage space. The only accessible storage folder is your ‘Photo Library’  so if you want to save other files types (PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, text files, etc.) then you need  to find another way.

That’s exactly what Dropbox does, it’s a great way of storing, sharing and transferring your files between all your different devices and computers. Add a document to Dropbox on your PC and it’s available through the Dropbox app on your iPad!

So, how do you get your files from Dropbox into your blog posts?

Open your blog post and tap where you would like to insert the file. Then tap on the ‘Insert media’ icon in the toolbar (it’s the one which looks like a camera).

Select the ‘Other’ tab and then tap on ‘Dropbox’:

Dropbox on BlogPad Pro for WordPress

This will prompt you to Link your Dropbox account by logging in:

Dropbox on BlogPad Pro for WordPress

If you have the Dropbox app on your iPad you will just need to tap ‘Allow’, if you don’t you will need to log in to your Dropbox account.

Uploading files from DropBox to your WordPress blog

Once you have linked your Dropbox account you can see all the files and folders stored there, and insert the files into your blog.

Images are inserted directly into your blog post and uploaded to your Media Library when you save. Other file types (for example PDFs, text files and documents) can be added in the following ways: you can insert a link to that file, upload that file to your WordPress Media Library or download the file onto your iPad.

These are also uploaded and stored in your WordPress media library when you save.

Dropbox on BlogPad Pro for WordPress

If you’d like to find out more about Dropbox you can here