How to edit your WordPress blog across multiple devices

If you edit your blog across multiple devices, have multiple authors, or use both your iPad and the web browser to edit your blog there are a few things you need to remember.

Before you start editing your blog in BlogPad Pro on your iPad ALWAYS grab the latest version of your blog posts.

After making changes via the Dashboard, when you go back to BlogPad Pro you MUST download those changes – there is no way for BlogPad Pro to know that you made changes via the Dashboard unless you refresh BlogPad Pro.

To do this, you need to retrieve the most recent Posts. There are 3 different ways of doing this:

1. If you want to refresh your whole blog go to Manage Blogs > Blog Options > Update Blog From Live. This refreshes your posts, pages, media library, tags and categories.
See below:

 Downloading your blog BlogPad Pro

2. If you’re just going to be editing a few posts you can do this by going into Posts > Post Sync Options > Get Posts
See below:

Grabbing latest posts in BlogPad Pro

3. If you just want to grab the latest version of 1 particular post or page tap on the post and select ‘Update From Live’. 
See below: 

 Post options in BlogPad Pro

If you forget to do this, or if other people have access to edit your blog you can find that you have a conflict when you go to save your post with BlogPad Pro.

N.b. Also if you leave a Post open in edit mode in your computer’s browser whilst you are also working on that same post in BlogPad Pro, you WILL get conflicts. This is because the WordPress dashboard performs an auto-save every so often. When it does so, it alters the “Custom Fields”. So when BlogPad Pro is comparing it’s own copy of a Post with that from your blog’s server, it will see that the custom fields have changed on the version on your blog’s server, so will mark the Post as in conflict even if the content is identical. This seems to happen with self-hosted blogs only. Just make sure you close the edit screen in your browser before you start editing in another device.

Resolving conflicts

A conflicted post will either show up as a red ! icon when you update your posts. You can also see that there is a red notification badge on the ‘Posts’ menu option which shows you how many conflicted posts you have.

You can also use the ‘filter’ option to just show the conflicted posts or post which need to be synced.

Syncing and resolving conflicts in BlogPad Pro

To resolve this conflict tap on the post in the list and in ‘Post Options’ select ‘Resolve Conflict’.

Syncing and resolving conflicts in BlogPad Pro

You might sometimes see a message like this when you go to save your changes:

Warning message BlogPad Pro

If you get this message tap OK to resolve the conflict.

In both cases you will see a screen like this one which compares both saved versions of your post and highlights the areas which have been changed with a red border. You can see in the screengrab below that the content is different and is highlighted.

Conflict resolution screen

Just select whichever side is correct to resolve the conflict.

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