View your WordPress blog Stats

How to view your blog stats from within BlogPad Pro for iPad.

If you are using a blog you can view your blog stats through BlogPad Pro.

Just tap on the green Statistics button in the left nav and you will see your stats page in the dashboard:

If you have multiple blogs under the same username you can use the drop down menu to switch between blogs.




You can now also view stats for your Self-Hosted WordPress blog if you have the WordPress Jetpack plugin installed!

Don’t forget, you can download BlogPad Pro app for iPad from the App Store!

4 comments on “View your WordPress blog Stats

  1. LakesAdam says:

    In the WordPress app, I have the ability to view the stats of my self hosted blog via the WordPress Jetpack plugin. Will you be adding this feature at some stage?

  2. blogpadpro is almost provide an iphone application.done a good job for iphone users.

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