How to publish your posts

How to publish or schedule your posts and pages using BlogPad Pro for WordPress

1. Once you’ve finished creating a new post and you’re ready to publish tap on ‘Post Options’ and then ‘Edit Settings’


2. Tap on ‘Publish Date’

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3.  If you want to publish your post straight away tap ‘Publish Immediately’.

If you prefer to schedule your post for a future time and date select, for example, the next day at 14.35.

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4. Then change the status to ‘Scheduled’.

You don’t need to do this if you select ‘Publish Immediately’ as the status is automatically changed to ‘Published’.

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5. When you’re happy and ready to publish just tap ‘Update’ and your post will publish (or schedule if that’s what you’ve set it to do!)

7 comments on “How to publish your posts

  1. Cheryl Turtlemoon says:

    Thanks for this and replying to my earlier question!! 🙂

  2. Cheryl Turtlemoon says:

    I did it!!!! Really easy!!! 😉 helps if I turn the app to connected!!! Haha!!! Thanks so much!!!

  3. vinylderek says:

    Hi – love your App ! How can i make my blog go public ? How can i make it easy go find in a google search p, for example ?

    Many thanks,


  4. Just done my third post. Can you explain what I need to do now so that my blog can be seen by the public? All three posts are showing as published on my settings menu, but how do my friends etc search for my blog on google etc?


    • Hi
      I’ve just looked at your blog, everything is published and public so if you keep posting regularly it will get indexed by the search engines thanks to WordPress’s syndication feeds.
      My advice would be to keep posting regularly and to use tags on your posts. If you use relevant tags such as: travel, backpacking, Bangkok etc it will also make you easier to find.
      If you want your friends to get an email when you publish a new article it’s also worth adding the ‘Follow Blog’ widget into your sidebar. Then if they add in their email they’ll get sent each new post as you publish it. To do this via BlogPad Pro go to Manage Blogs > Blog Settings (the blue arrow on the right of your blog) > Go to Web Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets
      I hope this helps! Have a great time travelling!

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