How to create a new post offline and then upload it

How to create a new post when you’re working offline or without an internet connection

You can set BlogPad Pro to be ‘offline’, for example if you’re out and about and don’t want to use up too much data.

To do this tap on the green ‘Settings’ button on the bottom left.

This is what the settings button looks like:

settings button

The first option you see is ‘Set Application Offline’, change this to ON then tap ‘done’.

Photo 20-12-2012 18 34 57

2. Now select the blog you want to work on by tapping on the blue Blogs icon and selecting your blog

3. You should now see the posts screen. Tap on the + icon to add a new post

Photo 20-12-2012 18 40 28

4. You’ll see a message like this telling you that you’re working offline. Just tap OK or ‘Don’t show again’ if you don’t want to see this message every time you save.

Photo 20-12-2012 18 40 44

5. Now you can create your post as normal.

Note the yellow notification badge in the menu next your Posts icon telling you that you have 1 post which needs uploading to live.

Photo 20-12-2012 18 40 52

6. I have added some text and a picture from my iPad camera roll. Tap the save button (top right) to save your changes. This DOES NOT publish your post, it just saves your content (unless you’re working ONline and your post is already published, then the save button will update your live post).

Photo 20-12-2012 18 42 32

7. Once your post is finished and you have saved. Go to post settings and tap ‘Close Editor’.

How to create a new post offline and then upload it

8. Once you get back online you can upload your post. (If you changed your settings to “set BlogPad Pro to be ‘offline'”  you’ll need to switch this bach OFF).

The notification badge shows that I just have 1 post that I need to upload. To upload a single post tap on it, and in ‘Post Options’ select ‘Send To Live’.

This updates your content, but will only publish the post IF you changed your post status to ‘published’

Photo 20-12-2012 18 43 19

9. If you have more than 1 post to upload tap on the ‘sync’ icon and within ‘Post Sync Options’ select the bottom option ‘Upload Posts To Live’.

This should upload any changes or new posts along with any images in them.

Photo 20-12-2012 18 43 26

10. You’ll know that your upload was successful when the yellow notification badge disappears, meaning your offline content has been uploaded.