Thanks for the five-star ratings everyone!

Wow, one week after launching BlogPad Pro for iPad we’ve had some great ★★★★★ ratings and reviews in the App Store, thanks everyone!


Here are some of our favourite comments so far:

  • I am so excited to have finally found the perfect blogging app for all my WordPress blogging needs
  • Great app! Simple to use, & no prior knowledge of HTML is needed to be able to blog from your iPad
  • I often write blogs on the train & the amount of times I have lost work due to not be able to work offline on a WordPress app. This app solves the problem, especially when it’s so easy to update my live blogs when I get back online again!
  • I blog on my iPad a lot and this app makes mobile blogging really easy
  • After using many alternatives, this does everything I need and more. It makes the process of managing several blogs easy. Allows you to do anything you need to, and is all contained in a lovely interface
  • The interface is pretty intuitive, even for a technophobe like me, and I like the fact i can blog on-line or off-line with this app. No more hunting around for coffee shops with WiFi when the muse takes me
  • (and this one’s my favourite) Thank you for making this, I’d award 6 stars if I could. Brilliant app and a bargain.

Thanks everyone, we really appreciate the positive feedback! Don’t forget to rate us if you like BlogPad Pro 🙂

Also, if you’ve tried our app and have any feedback about features you would like to see, or any problems you’ve had please get in touch and we’ll try and help!