Filtering and sorting

How you can use search, filter and sort options to help manage a large WordPress blog with lots of posts and pages using BlogPad Pro for iPad

When you’ve been blogging for a while, it can be difficult to find that post or page you’re looking for. To make it easier, we’ve not only added a search (which searches the post or page titles) but also a filtering and sorting.

So, what does Filter do?

If you tap the Filter option, you can select which post statuses you would like to view. For example if you just want to view published posts select ‘Published’ and tap ‘Update’.

Note: The ‘Unknown’ status is used when you have chosen to just download post titles. The post status isn’t retrieved as part of this.

WordPress post filtering in BlogPad Pro

Now only published posts are shown in the list. To remove the filter tap ‘Clear’ and the ‘Update’. You can also select multiple statuses.

WordPress post filtering in BlogPad Pro


‘Sorting’ changes the order your posts or pages are displayed. You can choose from: Date (most recent first), Date (earliest first), Title (A-Z) and Title (Z-A)

WordPress post sorting in BlogPad Pro

Any of the searching, filtering or sorting options can be combined to make it easy for you to search through hundreds of posts or pages!