How do I remove the BlogPad Pro credits from my posts?

There are two different ways of removing the ‘Edited by BlogPad Pro’ credit at the bottom of each post you create using our app.

Turn the credit off for 1 post

To turn the credit off for the post you are currently editing, tap the settings icon (top right of the page) and select ‘Edit Settings’

Scroll down to the button of the Post Settings menu and you will see the option: Has BlogPad Pro Credits. Just switch this to ‘Off

Then tap ‘Update’

Advanced post settings

Turn the credit off for all posts

To remove the BlogPad Pro credit for all posts within your blog go to your ‘Manage Blogs’ dashboard and tap on the blue arrow next to your blog. From the Blog Options menu select ‘Edit Blog Settings’

In the local Blog Settings, you will see ‘Show BlogPad Pro Credits‘. Simply switch this to ‘Off’

Then tap ‘Save Changes’.

This will switch this option off for all future posts and pages.