WordPress: What is Publicize?

One way of boosting your blog traffic is by connecting your blog to social media accounts so that WordPress automatically tells your followers and friends as soon as you publish a new post.

You can do with using the Publicize option within WordPress.

To enable publicize go to  Settings > Sharing >  and you should see a screen like this:

Publicize on WordPress

To connect to Facebook click on the Connect to Facebook link:

You will need to Authorise connection with Facebook. If you’re not already logged into Facebook you might also need to log in at this point.

You then get a choice of posting links on your Facebook profile or any pages you administer. Click you’re choice and you’re set up.

To connect to twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr or Yahoo updates you need to go through pretty much the same process.

I’m hoping they’ll also be able to add a publicize button for Google+ soon too! Which social networks do you use for your blog?