Edit your WordPress blog settings

How to change your WordPress.com or WordPress.org blog settings from within BlogPad Pro for iPad

Step 1:

Tap the blue Blogs icon to launch the ‘Manage Blogs’ menu.

Step 2:

Tap the blue button to the right of the blog you want to edit. This opens up the blog options menu. Select “Edit Blog Settings”.

Step 3:

From your blog settings menu you can do the following:

Select Blog:

This takes you to a list of your posts ready for you to start blogging.

Edit Blog Settings:

There are two screens when you tap on ‘Edit Blog Settings’: local and remote :

Your local blog settings (below) include your username and password and whether you are showing BlogPad Pro credits on each post you publish using the app.

You will only need to change the URL settings if you have a self-hosted (WordPress.org) blog and have set it up in a non-standard way (for example moving the location of the XMLRPC file).

If you click on the ‘Remote Blog Settings’ tab you get this screen which allows you to make changes to your blog title, media options etc.

Update Settings From Live:

If you have changed your blog settings in your online dashboard, select this option to update your blog settings in BlogPad Pro.

Delete Blog:

If you select this option you will be asked to confirm you want to remove the blog from BlogPad Pro.
This only removes the blog from the app, it doesn’t permanently delete your blog!

Sync Blog to Live:

When you have been working in airplane mode or offline and have made lots of changes just select this option to push all your changes to your live blog.

Update Blog From Live:

Have you changed your blog since you last used BlogPad Pro? If so tap ‘Update Blog From Live’ to make sure everything is to date.

Go To Web Dashboard:

This opens your WordPress online dashboard.