Creating a new WordPress post

How to create a new post on your WordPress-hosted or self-hosted WordPress blog using BlogPad Pro for iPad

Steps 1 & 2

Tap the posts icon (that’s the orange button in the left menu). Then in the posts menu tap the + button (top right) to create a new post.

 create a new post

Steps 3 & 4

In the ‘Add New Post’ box enter your post title (you can always change this by editing your post settings afterwards).

You can also edit the following settings: allow comments, allow pingbacks, publish date, post status, visibility, post format and excerpt. The only information you need to add at this stage is the post title.

You can change any of these settings at a later date by selecting ‘edit post settings’.

Tip: leave the post status as draft until you are ready to publish your post.

Once you have added your title tap Save to create your post.

create a new post

Step 5

Once the post has been created the new post opens on your screen ready for you to start writing.

new post

Don’t forget to tap on the save button (top right) to save your changes. 

NOTE: The post is saved as a draft until you go to your post settings (top right of the screen) and schedule or publish your post.

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