WordPress: 5 easy ways to increase your blog traffic

WordPress: 5 easy ways to increase your blog traffic

There are lots of ways of getting more hits on your blog, but here are my favourite 5 fast and simple ways of getting traffic:

  1. Publicize
    Most people use social networking sites, so use the WordPress publicize option to let all those friends on Facebook, Twitter etc know whenever you publish a blog post. There is a tutorial telling you how to use publicize here.
  2. Get your blog showing up on Google
    If you don’t let the search engines index your blog posts, people will have a much harder time finding your fascinating blog articles: How to get your blog indexed by search engines.
  3. Tags
    Tag well and tag wisely! Well tagged posts will bring new readers to your blog, especially if you’ve got a WordPress hosted blog. WordPress publish a list of the most popular tags to help you, but beware. Don’t attach too many tags to your post, that can count against you – WordPress recommend between 5 and 10 tags for each post.
  4. Competitions and giveaways
    This might not be relevant to you if you’re running a personal blog, but it can increase your traffic enormously. Once you have posted a giveaway or competition on your blog add the competition to comping websites such as  ThePrizeFinder or Loquax Competitions. Make sure you run your competition for at least a few days to give people chance to find your competition.
    If you do run a personal blog, you could contact companies and ask for samples of their products to review and then giveaway.
  5. Use Blog Directories
    Adding your site to blog directories can help people to find your blog. There are lots of these available, but some of the most popular directories are Technorati, Blog Catalog and BlogTopSites.  When you’re browsing other people’s blogs make a note of blog directories they have linked to and add them to your own.

But don’t forget, the best way to get more blog traffic and subscribers is to write quality, original posts and to write regularly.

Also, don’t be disheartened, it takes time to build up traffic. Keep an eye on your stats, and when they do shoot up for whatever reason make sure you follow-up with some extra-good quality posts to keep your readers coming back for more!